08 giugno 2009

Layout at a glance / Il plastico nel suo insieme

Look at the whole layout, as appears on June 08, 2009.
Un vista d'insieme del layout, alla data odierna.

3 commenti:

LuisLopes ha detto...

Hello Mario.

My name is Luis and I came across your awsome website, through Denny's blog.

I would like to congratulate you for your fine work.

I am too developing a modular layout, in teh Wonderfull N scale.

Can I put a link on my blog to yours?


Mario ha detto...

Hi Luis, thanks for congratulations!
I know you too, again through Denny's blog.

I see you already built the base of the layout and a couple of structure (ehi, the "Liquor store" reminds me something...).

I’m glad to be linked on your blog.
May I link your blog to mine?


LuisLopes ha detto...


It is an honour to have a link to my blog on yours.

Please fell free to add it! :)