27 settembre 2009

Crossing / Passaggio a livello

On the left side of the new module, the street to Pont D'Ael crosses the track. That's why I put a crossing gate, casted in metal by Ninive C.R. (http://www.ninivecr.it/)
Sulla sinistra del nuovo modulo di piena linea, la strada per Pont D'Ael incrocia la ferrovia. Ho quindi apposto un passaggio a livello, riprodotto in metallo da Ninive C.R. (http://www.ninivecr.it/)

5 commenti:

LuisLopes ha detto...

How have you done roads?


Pietro ha detto...

ma com' è che a te l' erba viene così bene?
Pietro (Brennero)

Donato ha detto...

...sarà l'attrezzino "economico" elettrostatico della noch?

Mario ha detto...

Luis, roads are made in a very simple way.
Lay a thin coat of putty (my favorite is a light putty called "Extraplas", I could buy it only in brico center Leroy Merlin).
After it dries, brush it with a mix of grey/yellow/black/white paint.
Then, make center lines (masking tape and white paint), and smooth the whole surface with a very fine sandpaper (graining 600 or 800) until it looks... "old".
Finally, with your finger, spread some black powder where cars are supposed to drive on.

Pietro, in realtà dipende tutto dal... concime!

Jerry ha detto...

I agree with Luis, magnificent roads! Thanks for sharing your technique, this is something I will try!