27 settembre 2009

Next module / Prossimo modulo

Verdi Legnami S.p.A. and Alimentari Grosjan will take place on next module toward Pont'D'Ael. Here a quick preview.
La segheria Verdi Legnami S.p.A. e la ditta distributrice Alimentari Grosjan sono ubicate sul modulo adiacente, verso Pont D'Ael. Di seguito una panoramica in anteprima.

5 commenti:

Alex Corsico ha detto...

Bravo Mario........come sempre!!!

LuisLopes ha detto...

Bravo! Excellent work!

Mario ha detto...

Obrigado a todos!

LuisLopes ha detto...

Ciao Mario!!

Do you have some online shop link from where I can find the powders you use with plaster?

It is hard to find here in Portugal!!!

Mario ha detto...

Hi Luis.
Well I buyed my powder in brico centers and during a Hobby Model Expo.
I know that in USA there are many powder sellers (now I do not remember any brand...), in Europe I know GPP (http://www.gpp.fr/).